Rating of best VPN services for Mac

Finding the best VPN for ensuring the safety and security of Mac can become a truly tricky task. There are hundreds of them on the market already. What is more, new ones continue to appear day by day. Each one claims to be the best. But which one to choose for Mac?

In order to help you to find the best suitable for you, we`ve analyzed hundreds of them. We tested their speed, safety, functionality. We performed several testings to give you the list of 9 best services for Mac. What is more, we examined hundreds of reviews available online and talked to proficient users to get as many opinions on the best one as possible.

Some popular VPNs were found to have engaged in a distribution of personal data of their users. To make sure you`ll be safe we excluded all them from our list of best ones.

Our impartial and comprehensive view will help you to find the best one for your Mac regardless of whether you need to watch TV shows, avoid governmental censorship or simply stay anonymous while surfing the net.

What`s worth mentioning is that the size of the company and the level of its recognition is not of the highest importance when looking for the best one. Some small providers performed better during our testings. Apparently, many big services, in reality, aren’t worth the hype, some of them are even dangerous for your Mac!

To put the story short, here are hands-down our ratings.


Top 9 Best VPN services for Mac


Service Pluses Minuses
Clario Functionality is the best thing about Clario. You will get a complex security tool for Mac. Antivirus, VPN, Ad Blocking function and many more all in one! It may become an indispensable assistant for anyone seeking comfort and safety online. Talking into account all characteristics, this one is the best for Mac. The service is still in the development stage. But the good news is that you can go check out their website and sign up for the updates.

It is focused on Mac users.

Windscribe Its services are located in 63 countries and 110 cities.

It uses AES-256 cipher encryption for desktop applications and AES-128 GCM cipher for browsers. Such a system is capable of providing an incredible level of safety to the users, according to security specialists. Windscribe is available on all platforms and supports most popular browsers (including Safari and Chrome)

The service didn`t offer an impressive speed, so you will likely feel inconvenience when watching videos online. It also has some traffic limitations. If you are a more proficient user, take a glance at other services.
ZenMate Service provides a high level of security for an unlimited number of devices. If you are looking for a VPN to protect all family online, Zenmate with its 74 servers all over the world, as well as no-logs policy might definitely become a good choice. ZenMate offers TLS Encryption, which is over two decades old and requires making constant updates to ensure that weaknesses in algorithm do not generate vulnerability in the user’s security.
Speedify This service enables you to stay anonymous while having extra speed and reliability. All in all,  it’s a VPN focused on speed, not security. Users recommend using it for a daily routine. However, if you are planning to enter websites, banned by the government, try choosing another VPN service from our
VPNSecure They offer a huge variety of functions. Servers are located in 48 countries, including Australia. Three years ago VPNSecure was listed in the Warning list. It was stated that Android users are put under the risk because VPNSecure has a number of egress points in residential ISPs.
SaferVPN The registration process is beyond simple. More than 700 servers in 35 countries. You can connect only 5 devices. Their “no-logging” policy is weak compared to other services. You can`t use it in China.
Zoog VPN Performs well with torrents. Zoog is a good option for accessing the Netflix library. The price is very attractive as well. Servers are located only in 20 European countries.
CactusVPN Allows it`s users to perform an instant search for servers based on speed. Pricing is great as well. This service does not operate with Amazon TV. Their refund policy is pretty strict. Some users claim that it`s hard to get any response from the company when something goes wrong while using Сactus.
Mullvad VPN This is a small but trust-worthy provider. It operates with 2048-bit RSA and 128-bit Blowfish OpenVPN. What`s unusual, you can pay for it with cash by sending the money directly to the office, as well as bitcoins.  If you need a tool that allows you to stay totally anonymous this is a good choice. A small number of servers ( 82) operate in 20 countries only.


How to choose the best one?

All in all, when choosing a VPN you should take into account many aspects since all VPN services have their strong and weak sides. First of all, think about your personal purposes.

What do you want to achieve? What are you planning to do online?

If you need to watch Netflix and download torrents, think of those services which cope well with these platforms. If you are eager to stay completely anonymous online, take a glance at small providers. You should also think of your device. In case you are a Mac user who needs complete 24/7 protection, go the https://clario.co and sign up for the updates.