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Why is Clario a Better Choice for People Living in the 21st Century?

Mac owners are already aware about the core program features – VPN, detection of a possible threat, everything in so-called “basic package”, which doesn’t change.

On the contrary, new update with VPN feels calmer than the other apps. To find an actual threat, the company is cooperating with antivirus vendors such as BitDefender and NordVPN. Here’s more – you may not be a computer genius, but Clario is still good for everyday use.


When Clario finds a real threat, you receive a message with an explanation of what this particular link is and why it can damage your software. Moreover, you can chat with a representative for more information; it’s not only VPN protection we’re talking about, it’s a new way of a distant service.


Is It Already Possible to Download Clario VPN?

From February a free preview of the app is available on the official website. Initially, startup is going to support MacOS and iOS; Android and Windows 10 versions are still under development.

Another big step for cybersecurity is that you don’t have to buy VPN software for your Mac and other devices separately. Get a monthly or an annual subscription of Clario to keep all gadgets under reliable protection.

There are six areas taken care of:

  1. Your ID – data breaches are spotted in real-time to keep private data safe;
  2. Your money – when banking or shopping online;
  3. Your network – at home for Mac or IoT devices, which are also vulnerable;
  4. Browsing  – feel safe without tracking or hacking the history of your searches;
  5. Data safeguarding – to prevent any leaks of the personal information;
  6. Devices – as an intuitive multi-platform Clario can provide reliable protection for all of them at a time. Is it Mac or iPhone? Keep the information safe!


Clario for Mac – Try a Modern Tool for Security

Due to the Insurance Information Institute, almost 14.4 million people were victims of cybercrime in 2018. Worth to mention that a general number went down from the previous years, but there are still many frauds haunting for less experienced Internet users.

Clario is a new step for people who want to search safely and keep their data private. Launched at the beginning of 2020, it has a lot of advantages if comparing to other VPN apps. Try a free preview to explore everything firsthand!

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What is Mullvad VPN?

Mullvad is a simple and reliable VPN service. The website is also designed to protect the privacy of users and stores a minimum of cookies on your system. The company is located in Sweden, where the government is not too inquisitive.

The app is very easy to use on Mac and offers decent speed. It only has DNS leak protection from OpenVPN, but WireGuard and SOCKS5 can be configured manually on MacBooks. It does not offer low security protocols such as PPTP.


Pros of using Mullvad VPN on Mac

  • High speeds
  • Easy apps
  • Accepts Bitcoin and Cash
  • Supports OpenVPN
  • Safe registration process
  • Low prices
  • The site does not store many cookies


Cons of using Mullvad VPN on Mac

  • Only monthly package
  • Netflix does not bypass the VPN


Let’s discuss their packages.

There is a slight limitation as they only offer a monthly package – for 5 euros per month.

The service offers decent speed but a noticeable drop in speed. Because OpenVPN is secure, the connection is slower. Speed depends on different servers, so if you are not satisfied with the speed of a particular server, you can connect to the server closest to you.

Mullvad is quite easy to use on Mac. The service enables P2P, which is great for torrent lovers. Depending on your requirements, Mullvad may be the perfect VPN for you. For example, if you want to connect to BBC iPlayer from overseas UK, the app can help you. However, since it cannot bypass the Netflix restriction, you may want to try another service instead.


Mullvad VPN download is easy

If you are an active torrent user, you will like the software because it enables P2P and uses AES 256-bit data encryption. OpenVPN is re-entered every 60 minutes, making data virtually unavailable.

Mullvad has a unique way of creating an account. It doesn’t even require an email address. When you visit a website, you create an account number and it becomes your permanent identifier. You can make a payment using this number and your account will be credited for one month of VPN service.

Mullvad allows you to connect 5 devices under one license. You can pay for the company services through Bitcoin and get a discount. They also accept cash payments if you do not want to keep any transaction records.


Mullvad VPN review

The whole experience of visiting a website to create a payment account and use the app is very user-friendly. It does not want to store any of your information. It does not even require an email address to register. And the payment options are so flexible that you can pay in cash if you wish.




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ZenMate for Safari

Today more and more people are searching for the best VPN for many reasons. ZenMate VPN is often listed among the best VPNs for Mac. Is it worth the hype?

It provides you with safety and privacy online in one click. If your government banned some websites, with ZenMate you can get access to them. The main office is situated in Germany, but they have more than 74 servers available all over the world. Its apps operate on all platforms and are customer-friendly. In case you have any issues, excellent customer support is always there to help you. You will get a response to your email within 10 minutes! The service offers 3 plans with a 30-days money-back guarantee.


How to set up ZenMate on Mac

Setting-up for Safari is beyond easy. All you need to do in go to their official website, click on the “download” button and follow the instructions. Once completed, you should create an account and log in. After all, choose a server and start using your Safari as usual.

Zenmate is a decent option when you need to hide your real IP address, get access to the banned websites or simply stay anonymous online. When you don’t have other options than using poorly protected public wi-fi, it will become your relief.

The best thing about this tool is that one subscription covers an unlimited number of your devices. Protect your Mac, iPhone, and iPad all in one click.


Using ZenMate on Mac

Unfortunately, the service has many weak sides, first of all, it doesn’t work in China, Iran  and Saudi Arabia. All this despite the fact that citizens of these countries are active users of VPN services because of the strict control of their governments. Another sad thing about this service is that it doesn’t have an ad blocker while many businesses are ready to provide their users with such function. There is hardly a reason to pay for a VPN only when you can get a wider functional for the same price. If you need more, try Clario. It offers antivirus, VPN, and blocker and much more all in one.

What is also worth mentioning is that some new users report about speed issues while using Zenmate. According to their words, sometimes it’s impossible to watch movies online due to the poor connection with servers.

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About Windscribe

Windscribe VPN allows you to surf the net anonymously, watch Netflix on your Mac and use Torrent. It`s often listed among the best VPNs for daily use. There are both free and premium options available. Its services are located in 63 countries and 110 cities. This service uses AES-256 cipher encryption for desktop applications and AES-128 GCM cipher for browser extensions. Such a system is capable of providing an incredible level of safety to the users, according to security specialists. On the other hand, the free version operates with servers located in 11 countries only.

If too many users are linked to the one server, some problems with speed may appear. In case you are a premium user, who is not satisfied with the quality, you can ask for a refund, but keep in mind that you have 3 days only. All refunds are made within 30 days.


How to download Windscribe VPN

First step: go to and press the “Download” button. Then choose the proper option depending on your device and platform. If you are a Mac-user, choose an option for the IOS platform.

Second step: find the proper file in the “downloads” and double-click to open the installer.

Third step: follow all the steps from the how-to instruction. If any help is needed, don`t hesitate to go to their website and find detailed instructions. There you will find a video, as well as a text guide.


Windscribe for Mac

Windscribe is a complex tool for your Mac, which includes VPN, AdBlocker and much more. Windscribe is available on all platforms and supports the most popular browsers (including Safari and Chrome).

It`s definitely not the cheapest VPN service. However, it offers a Mac-users a wide choice of functions. If you don`t need a full service, you can choose a free version or try a 3-month package. What`s worth mentioning, some users had troubles in the past when trying to reach its technical support service.

All in all, if you need a complex tool for your Mac, which will block the ads and help to stay anonymous on the internet, Windscribe is not the worst option. But keep in mind that this VPN-provider is focused on safety, not speed. Among its minuses are weak “no-logging” policy and poor level of communication with Support service.

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