Why is Clario a Better Choice for People Living in the 21st Century?

Mac owners are already aware about the core program features – VPN, detection of a possible threat, everything in so-called “basic package”, which doesn’t change.

On the contrary, new update with VPN feels calmer than the other apps. To find an actual threat, the company is cooperating with antivirus vendors such as BitDefender and NordVPN. Here’s more – you may not be a computer genius, but Clario is still good for everyday use.


When Clario finds a real threat, you receive a message with an explanation of what this particular link is and why it can damage your software. Moreover, you can chat with a representative for more information; it’s not only VPN protection we’re talking about, it’s a new way of a distant service.


Is It Already Possible to Download Clario VPN?

From February a free preview of the app is available on the official website. Initially, startup is going to support MacOS and iOS; Android and Windows 10 versions are still under development.

Another big step for cybersecurity is that you don’t have to buy VPN software for your Mac and other devices separately. Get a monthly or an annual subscription of Clario to keep all gadgets under reliable protection.

There are six areas taken care of:

  1. Your ID – data breaches are spotted in real-time to keep private data safe;
  2. Your money – when banking or shopping online;
  3. Your network – at home for Mac or IoT devices, which are also vulnerable;
  4. Browsing  – feel safe without tracking or hacking the history of your searches;
  5. Data safeguarding – to prevent any leaks of the personal information;
  6. Devices – as an intuitive multi-platform Clario can provide reliable protection for all of them at a time. Is it Mac or iPhone? Keep the information safe!


Clario for Mac – Try a Modern Tool for Security

Due to the Insurance Information Institute, almost 14.4 million people were victims of cybercrime in 2018. Worth to mention that a general number went down from the previous years, but there are still many frauds haunting for less experienced Internet users.

Clario is a new step for people who want to search safely and keep their data private. Launched at the beginning of 2020, it has a lot of advantages if comparing to other VPN apps. Try a free preview to explore everything firsthand!